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"So much mental traffic in the universe. 

                  Solitude is the only peace

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countdown to season 2 → royal blood (1x12)

"You think that is gonna save me? If you really cared about my well-being, you’d have brought some poison like I asked! Then, at least, I could die with dignity, alone, at my own hand."


countdown to season 2 → for king and country (1x09)

"And you, my brother I envied you for so long, and look at us now. You have what’s mine, and I have your freedom. Well, I, I plan to take full advantage of it."


Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist”
▬ The Eyebrows.

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Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble, yeah.

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"We are a big, close family. I am the third of five siblings. I have an elder brother in the gas and oil industry, an elder sister who’s a teacher, a younger brother who’s a linguist and a younger sister who’s a hedge-fund manager. I live with her in London. Family, for me, is the most important thing because it is constant and real. Much as I love my job, it picks you up and it puts you down." — Rose Leslie for YOU Magazine

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Ye are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone.
i give ye my body, that we two might be one.
i give ye my spirit, ‘til our life shall be done.


game of thrones meme → nine characters [3/9]  • Sansa Stark

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You know, I used to think the vigilante was a criminal too. But it seems to me, whoever he is, he’s willing to sacrifice an awful lot to help the people of this city. (Season 1)




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It’s like this: you wake and watch TV, get in your car and listen to the radio you go to your little jobs or little school, but you don’t hear about that on the 6 o’clock news, why? ‘Cause nothing is really happening, and you go home and watch some more TV and maybe it’s a fun night and you go out and watch a movie. I mean it’s got so bad that half the people on TV, inside the TV, they’re watching TV. What are these people watching, people like me?

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make me choose ♡ anonymous asked

sciles or stalia
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